Exhibitions & Festivals

Open studios 2014

0pen Studios 2013

Best Newcomer Eastern Open 2012

Open Studios 2011

Have I got nudes for you. Harleston Gallery 2011

Open studios 2010

Norfolk Contemporary Arts Society Show The Forum Norwich 2010

Norfolk Contemporary Arts Society Show The Forum Norwich 2009

Open Studios 2009

Divided line 18/21 Gallery Norwich 2008

Doric Arts Holt 2008

Simply Eclectic Norwich 2007

Altered books Norfolk 2007

Art in Mind Brick Lane gallery 2007

Waveney arts trail 2005/2006

Waveney festival 2005/2006

Not the turner prize The Mall Galleries 2004

One man show Halesworth Gallery 2004

Frames  of Norwich 2004



Garry Hobbs

I approach my work by the searching for an image, a body, a conjunction a situation. I place others around it to heighten its interest, to tell a tale, to recall a memory, a song, voices overheard. Like a visual magpie I collect all manner of ephemera that one day may or may not be of use. My greatest influence is a world where technology and chaos cause juxtapositions, impositions and coincidences and tableaux vivant ever more   bizarre and strange. I paint and draw because I have to and hope in doing so others see the humour, the intrigue and the delight in the world I see and pass through.


I am a members of the Greyfrairs art space as well as Norfolk Contemporary Art Society.



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